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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования



Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

No matter where in the world you are operating, we are there to provide you with services and spare parts. For what use is the most modern system without service or essential spare parts?

KÖRNER provides you with all the necessary spare parts – even for hot dip galvanizing lines of third-party manufacturers, such as electrical heating elements, oil and gas burners, valves systems, thermocouples, thermostats, linings, furnace housings, galvanizing kettles, fans; in one word, everything you need for a galvanizing line. Besides, many spare parts are available from stock, so that fast delivery is always possible. KÖRNER will always provide you with the proper component of the proper quality and help you thus save valuable time.

With KÖRNER, you are in safe hands because we will not only guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years, but we will also find the right spare part for older systems.

Just talk to us.

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