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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования



Maintenance and inspection

Maintenance and inspection

According to standard DIN EN 746 §7.3.3, the combustion system must be checked and maintained on a regular basis (once a year) by qualified personnel.

Zink KÖRNER offers maintenance and inspection services in accordance with standard DIN EN 746. Additionally, you also have the option to conclude a maintenance contract that offers cost transparency and planning security.

The annual inspection of your galvanizing furnace includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of the facility
  • Functional test of the temperature and furnace chamber pressure control
  • Functional check of the registration
  • Functional check of all electromotive drives
  • Functional test of the gas line
  • Functional test of the voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Functional check of all operating and fault messages
  • Functional test of all KÖRNER gas flat flame burners in all loading stages
  • Recording and documentation of all operating parameters
  • Maintenance of the flame monitor and ignition device

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