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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования


Energy utilisation

Energy utilisation

In times of ever-increasing energy costs, a galvanizing line must feature low levels of energy consumption. Thanks to a group of constructive measures, the hot dip galvanizing furnaces from Zink KÖRNER ensure the highest levels of efficiency during hot dip galvanizing.

Whether you decide to opt for a batch galvanizing line with the KÖRNER flat flame burner FL 20/50, whose operation is modulatory and which can be adjusted to 1:10, or for a small part galvanizing line with the valued regeneration burners, you can always rely on energy efficiency with KÖRNER systems.

Energy consumption is minimized as a result of various specific design features. Diffusor plates mounted on the burners direct the gas flow along the inner furnace wall. This produces a combination of radiant and convective heat, which has the positive effect that a high input of heat into the galvanizing tank is achieved at relatively low furnace temperatures. The multi-layer, up to 300-mm-thick insulation reduces heat loss. Additionally, the innovative ceramic coating applied to the fibrous insulation reflects the radiant heat towards the interior of the furnace.

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