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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования


Zink KÖRNER flat flame burner


Flat flame burner FL 20/50

Zink KÖRNER is the only supplier of furnaces that use burners specifically developed for batch galvanizing. Thanks to these burners, galvanizing furnaces reach efficiencies of up to 75 percentages – which is 5 to 10 percentages better than conventional plants. Unlike the burners commonly used in the past, the gas-fired flat flame burners of the FL 20/50 type operate in a modulating mode. They are infinitely adjustable within a range of 1:10. They guarantee the same smooth and mild heating as previously only achievable by electrically heated furnaces. The control system permanently adjusts the power to the throughput rate of the furnace and avoids abrupt temperature changes, which may cause excessive stresses in the galvanizing tank structure.

Technical data

Medium Natural gas
Recommended pressure of gas supply
approx. 100 mbar
Working pressure 50 to 70 mbar
Capacity max. 20 Nm³/h
Control range continuously adjustable, range 1:10 (2 bis 20 Nm³/h)
NW Gas flange DN 25
Flame Flat flame, leaving the burner brick radially
Control Proportional pressure control within the complete control range
Ingnition and monitoring Ignition by ignition transformer and ignition electrode. Integrated flame detection system by ultraviolet diode. Control of all safety functions (Pre-purge time, safety times) via automated burner control unit. The burners are protected against deficient air and gas supply.
Flue gas composition Depending on the used type of natural gas. CO content is adjusted to
approx. 0 mg/m³ flue gas during commissioning via flue gas analysis.

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