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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования


KÖRNER Zinc Dross Distilling Furnace

Recycling for the environment

KÖRNER Zinc Dross Distilling Furnace

There is hard zinc in any galvanizing shop. For example, the molten zinc dissolves the iron from work pieces that have been hot dip galvanized, from the wall of the galvanizing boiler or from the flux. It must be removed from the zinc bath on a regular basis.

Zinc Dross Distilling Furnace

KÖRNER Zinc Dross Grab

Remove zinc dross easier, faster and more cost-effective

KÖRNER Zinc Dross Grab

Zinc dross arises as reaction on the coincidence of iron and molten zinc in every galvanizing shop. Thus zinc dross must be regularly removed from the zinc bath.

According to the conventional method – by means of zinc spoon – this is a hard work mostly accompanied by strong impact of heat.


Zinc Dross Grab

Water quenching bath by Zink KÖRNER

Water quenching bath by Zink KÖRNER

After the centrifuge procedure in the zinc centrifuge, the small parts are then cooled down in a water quenching bath, in order to keep parts from sticking to one another. Whether using a tilting sifter or a belt conveyor, KÖRNER always provides the right solution.



The centrifuges are used in hot dip galvanizing lines for small parts such as screws, nuts, etc., in order to spin off the excess zinc. This ensures that the zinc coating layer is kept as thin as possible.

Zinc feed pump

The zinc feed pump is required to pump the liquid zinc out of the boiler at the time of the boiler exchange.

  Max. kettle depth Vertical pumping head Horizontal pumping length Capacity Electrical drive
Type 40 3,000 mm 4,000 mm (max.) from kettle bottom approx. 10,000 mm 40 t/h (max.) 7 kW
Type 130 3,000 mm 6,000 mm (max.) from kettle bottom approx. 10,000 mm 130 t/h (max.) 15 kW

It consists of:

  • Solid steel frame
  • Pump housing with impeller,
  • Hard chrome plated driveshaft
  • Fan
  • Three-phase motor
  • Cable 20 m, with CEE plug

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