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Hot dip galvanizing plants

линии цинкования




KÖRNER builds a galvanizing furnace with a 15.5 meter long kettle for a German galvanizing service provider group. The system offers a convincing package with efficient burners, sophisticated control system, effective insulation, and powerful heat recovery system. KÖRNER manufactures a complete galvanizing system for a 13 meter long kettle and a throughput of 19 t/h. The system is purchased by a customer in the Middle East.


KÖRNER expands its position on the Russian market: The company supplies two modern small part galvanizing systems for 13 meter long kettle to two new Russian customers.


KÖRNER manufactures a modern small part galvanizing system for a 13 meter long kettle and with a throughput of 15 t/h for a Russian customer. This is already the second system KÖRNER is providing to this customer.


KÖRNER supplies the Russian republic of Bashkiria with a modern small part galvanizing system for a 13 meter long kettle. The system achieves an efficiency of 75 percent. This is accomplished through use of the modern KÖRNER flat flame burner FL20/50 and effective insulation.


KÖRNER builds a fully automated galvanizing furnace for large bolts used in the wind power industry. It includes an environmentally friendly ceramic furnace and the galvanizing automat Zinc Elephant³. With this new system, KÖRNER sets new standards with regard to energy efficiency and throughput.


KÖRNER manufactures a fully automated galvanizing furnace for cable support systems. The system is very energy efficient thanks to the sophisticated technology. Peter Kordt founds Wire KÖRNER GmbH in order to serve the needs of the wire and narrow strip industries. This is a continuation of KÖRNER's 80 year history in the wire industry: It grows to supply customers around the world with wire and narrow strip treatment and galvanizing systems using a continuous process.


KÖRNER manufactures a highly efficient galvanizing furnace for small and spinning parts. In times or resource scarcity, KÖRNER focus on climate protection: Through the use of innovative firing and insulating technology, KÖRNER is able to reduce the gas consumption of top-fired furnaces by around 30 percent. KÖRNER builds a 12.5 meter long galvanizing furnace with a ceramic galvanizing pan. The system is fired with oil burners via a ceramic heating cover. The pan is extremely robust and has a virtually unlimited service life.


KÖRNER creates a modern galvanizing line for the narrow strip industry. The system features a modern and efficient pre-cleaning process. Effective wiping nozzles allow for a high coating quality. KÖRNER produces the fourth galvanizing furnace for a manufacturer of power and light poles. The 13.5 meter long kettle is heated with KÖRNER Inferno oil-fired flat flame burners.


KÖRNER manufactures an electrically heated galvanizing furnace for a manufacturer of power and antenna poles.


Peter Kordt acquires the industrial furnace division (formerly Walter KÖRNER KG) from SKO and operates it under the name Zink KÖRNER GmbH. The company continues to focus on the manufacturing of galvanizing furnaces and turn-key complete systems.


SKO Industrieofenbau GmbH develops a new pipe galvanizing method. It allows for the continuous process galvanizing of pipes welded from a ribbon of material. The new systems achieve throughput speeds of up to 120 m/min at an optimal galvanizing thickness.


"Everything from one source" - The SKO Group takes over Walter KÖRNER KG according to this principle. Under the name SKO Industrieofenbau GmbH, the company expands its portfolio through the addition of complete turn-key systems. From pre-treatment to the hot dip galvanizing furnace - the new systems perform the entire galvanizing process.


KÖRNER reads the signs of the times and reacts with innovative developments: The company manufactures the first automated small part galvanizing system. With this automated system, even small parts can now be galvanized in galvanizing baskets, spun, and quenched. The fully automated process replaces previous manual methods.


KÖRNER builds Europe's largest galvanizing furnace for Preußag AG. The system's kettle measures 16.5 x 1.8 x 3.2 meters.


In a joint venture with Mannesmann, KÖRNER achieves an almost revolutionary development in the field of burner technology: In order to increase the throughput of galvanizing furnaces for pipes, the two companies develop the precursor to the flat burner FL 20/50. KÖRNER patents the technology and optimizes it over time. Today the successor FL 20/50 is one of the world's most efficient burners for galvanizing furnaces.


In times where grid gas and oil are scarce, KÖRNER builds a galvanizing furnace with integrated generator which produces gas from wood and brown coal. KÖRNER responds precisely to the needs of its customers.


Walter Körner founds Walter Körner GmbH on 01.04.1928. In the process, he opens a design office for industrial furnaces and firing systems. Even in the beginning of the company's history, he focus on the design of galvanizing furnaces and develops a new furnace design which sets trends for the industry. The market quickly recognizes the advantages of the new furnaces, so that KÖRNER systems already establish themselves in Germany, Europe, and even overseas in the early 30s.

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